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Review of “Hello…x” - Tristan Prettyman

So let’s start with reviewing Tristan Prettymans new great album “Hello…x“. Just to get it out of the way: The new album is nowhere near her debut, which is probably the best album ever released. (or so says my music player) But let’s cut to the chase. This album is quite diversed, driven by Tristan Prettyman’s unique and beautiful voice. It has bluesy and jazzy elements, lots of pop, rock and folk. It’s almost never dull and quite enjoyable. There’s some clapping, a lot of acoustic guitar, some piano and string, occasionally.

I might need some getting used to, especially if you have already come to know and love her debut but it’s definitely worth every minute (of total 50) of listening.


1. Hello (3:25)

The first track on the album (obviously), there’s the evermore stylish clapping, some (a little) quirky guitar play and Prettyman’s smooth, sometimes somewhat edgy voice. And there’s also some off-beat singing, which I really dig. Overall a good start.

2. Echo (3:38)

It starts with a really nice guitar tune, and makes you tap your toes (at the very least), then there’s some nice e-piano underlying, a little e-guitar as well. This song really has power and groove. (although some people might argue about the power, as always. But it’s just not about the volume and speed, when I mean power)

3. California Girl (3:58)

I had my difficulties liking this tune at first, maybe it’s a little too slow and uneventful for me, but there’s at least a short e-guitar solo at the end (the bright yellow-white part in the picture above). Definitely not my favorite song on this album, but there are plenty…

4. Madly (3:19)

Damn, I just like that guitar. And oddly enough I really like the drums (I never seem to notice them enough in other songs to actually appreciate them). Then there’s that clapping again (who started that anyway? Paolo Nutini?) The chorus is a little dull, to be honest, but it’s never the less a good sond.

5. Blindfold (3:58)

A very stripped down song, no unnecessary instruments, the focus almost just on Prettymans’s voice. (Which is good, by the way) It let’s you concentrate on the beautiful lyrics. It’s a little slow at first, but then just a little over the half it starts to get a little mor spirited.

6. Handshake (3:47)

Some quirky, squeaking guitars again, I don’t really enjoy it as much as the other songs until the piano starts getting louder and Tristan prettyman starts to absolutely rock (honkey-tonk style), at which point I am absolutely enjoying myself (yes, definitely more than just toe-tapping - unless I’m in some very public place, of course).

7. War Out Of Peace (3:49)

Oho, this doesn’t sound too much like Prettyman a first, just not enough acoustic. I like the broadening of her musical horizon, actually I find that this song would make a great soundtrack (in fact I think it sounds a lot like the soundtrack of “The Holiday” with Kate Winselt and Jude Law, which I now absolutely can’t confirm, listening to it on youtube ;), well, whatever. Oh, wait allright there it is, I just wasn’t patient enough. (Here, listen for yourselves)). This song is so full of potential to be fullfilled, so much optimism and pathos. (Also a little like Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”)

8. You Got Me (3:24)

Probably my favorite. Nice lyrics, cool guitarplay, slow enough, but never boring. What is there more to say? Ah yeah, off-beat singing. :D Ok, that’s it definitely my favority although I can’t really explain why…

9. Don’t Work Yourself Up (3:41)

Melancholic, raw and … damn, off-beat singing. ;) (Alright I’ll stop…) I like the flow between those raw, stripped periods, where you almost just hear her voice and the full and loud periods that sound exuberant and almost optimistic. It’s the contrast that make this song great.

10. A Little Bit (3:40)

A bluesy track, which definitely proves that Prettyman’s style has become more varied. Overall a pretty much average track and in the end there’s a cool chorus repeating the refrain.

11. Interviews (3:32)

I especially like the acoustic guitar in this track. “Interviews” has a quite catchy melody. I mean what’s not to like about this song…

12. In Bloom (3:47)

A piano-driven ballad with accompanying strings. The character of this track, however, is dictated (once more) by Tristan Prettyman’s beautiful voice. The comparison to Norah Jones can most definitely not be dismissed. I find that Norah Jones tend to be lighter (in a good sense), but they also tend to build much less tension and are therefore a little less interesting (in general, though you can argue with me here. But as a fact I also like Norah Jones music very much, it’s just not as “rocking” as Tristan Prettyman’s)

13. God Gave Me Patience (3:46)

Another ballad…

So light the day
And invite me to stay
‘Cause now I see
I was always on my way
Just a little late

14. Hummingbirds (2:50)

A lighthearted, up-beat kinda song, the ideal finish, in my opinion. And this song really does the album justice.

Some new CD’s

I’ve recenty recieved some long longed for CD’s and decided to take a picture of them - aren’t they beautiful?


There are two albums from Gavin DeGraw: The extraordinary “Chariot” and the latest addition “Gavin De Graw” which I will review soon. Then there are also two albums from Tristan Prettyman, the beautiful “Tristan Prettyman” (What is it with Singer-Songwriters and self-titled albums?) and her newest album “Hello…x” (Which I will review soon, too.). There is a Sister Hazel album (”BAM!”). Then there is the long awaited third studio album from Jason Mraz “We dance, we sing, we steal things” (Which will get a review as well) and there are three albums from John Mayer, two live albums: “the Village Sessions” (You guessed it, review…) and “as/is” (Maybe review…) and his dive into blues with the “John Mayer Trio” one of his best albums “Try!”.