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Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible” - Part 2

Today the second part of Joss Whedon’s  “Dr. Horrible” came out.

Dr. Horrible’s Arch Nemesis “Captain Hammer” (played by Nathan Fillion) is stealing Penny’s (Dr. Horrible’s true love) heart and Dr. Horrible slowly shifts to the evil side, he’s already on. His atempts do denounce Captain Hammer and win back Penny fail horribly, so he then decides to kill Captain Hammer, ho have him out of he picture, and to finally become a member of the evil league.

In this episode, we get to know a little bit more about Captain Hammer, wo really seems to be all about his strength (and nothing else, apparently). Dr. Horribles fall into evilness continues (can he still be saved?) and with his freze-ray complete he now posesses a weapon worthy of a superhero.


The final part will air on the 19. July.

Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible” - Part 1

Yesterday the first part of Joss Whedon’s (Creator of the unreached Firefly and the Buffy- and Angel Series) “Dr. Horrible” came out, and is viewable for free until the 21. July on the Dr. Horrible Website.

It tells the story of the social-incapable, evil genious “Dr. Horrible” trying to talk to the woman of his dreams (Penny, who he sees every Wednesday and Saturday in the laundry house) and become a member of the evil league, headed by “Bad Horse”.

It’s funny, at times totally hilarious, greatly scripted and just well done. Allthough some may think it is over-hyped, I think it’s not, its just a extraordinary piece of (what schould I called it?) film, that get’s the recognition it deserves.


The next part will go on air tomorrow.